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20-34 Batson Parade
Hindmarsh Island
South Australia 5214

Booking and Enquiries:
+61 8 8383 7575

+61 8 8383 7494


Cancellation Policy

More than 60 days prior Full Refund
60 days or less
but more than 14 days
Loss of Deposit unless substitute
booking of same duration is obtained
then administration fee of $50 deducted
Less than 14 days notice Loss of all monies paid

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment of the holiday accommodation rental fee constitutes the clients acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  2. We recommend that guests familiarize themselves with safety procedures including fire evacuation procedure, location of emergency numbers, basic first aid kit and fire fighting equipment.

  3. All premises are to be left in a satisfactory tidy state, including all garbage wrapped and emptied into outside garbage bin; recycled materials in baskets at kitchen door and washing up done; the barbecue must be cleaned after use. In the event of excessive cleaning requirements, a cleaning fee will be charged to the guest’s account.

  4. Pets not allowed at Karinga Park Homestead & Cottages.

  5. Smoking is not permitted inside Karinga Park Homestead & Cottages.
    Please ensure butts are disposed of in the proper manner.

  6. Any damage, breakage or loss of furniture, furnishings, equipment, locks or keys is to be reported immediately and paid for at cost, other then acceptable wear and tear. Please note, that our cleaners do a detailed inventory check both before and after your occupation.

  7. Credit card details are held in lieu of security bond to cover all additional costs incurred as a result of breach of these Terms and conditions including any breakage, damage or excess cleaning requirements, which occur due to the client occupying the premises.

  8. The number of guests should not exceed the number stated on the Confirmation Notice. Additional fees of $90 per person per night will apply for excess guests not notified to the operators in advance.

  9. The operators take no responsibility for the client’s personal property left on the premises.

  10. The swimming pool is available for Homestead guest use. Please adhere to the rules displayed and follow operator’s general maintenance instructions for filter operation.

  11. The client making the booking must be 18 years or over and agree to take full responsibility for the temporary rental of the property.

  12. Furniture, fixtures and fittings are not to be altered or moved between
    rooms or properties. The BBQ must remain in the courtyard. The lounge
    and sunroom seating may be altered but must be replaced to original arrangement.

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